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Not really, what happens is that you NEED a minimum thickness of the channel to accommodate the neon or LED. Some regulations require a minimum of 2-1/2 ”thick (if that is the neon lighting, this can not be touching the metal because it will attract electrical defects and shorten its lifetime). You must understand that this is not valid data for all cities (I recommend you consult with a sign contractor).Therefore font styles ideal for channel letters are the letters thick and wide. If you want a thin font line, the most viable solution is to arrange the letters for it won’t lose its style and interior to be capable of accommodating the neon or LED.


For the same reason above and because it is very difficult to make small bend in the metal and trim, can not be made very small channel letters signs, particularly the smaller ones I’ve made have been 6 ”and a Arial style. From now on the point can be made in any size channel Letters.


There are three forms ofChannel letter; 1) Popular Channel Letters, the front lighting is produced by neon or LED, deck or the face may be white or colored acrylic (note that the variety of colors in acrylic is very limited). They can also be made of polycarbonate or what is known as Lexan (in this case only produces white or transparent, white unfortunately tends to turn yellow with the passage of months) in this material are given color with a layer of vinyl the desired color. 2) Open Face channel Letter, are the same channel letters with neon lighting only, without cover or with a transparent cover to protect neon. 3)Reverse Channel Letters; In this case the lighting is backwards, produced by neon or LED, are all metal letters, except the bottom where it exits the light onto the wall creating a halo of light to each letter or logo (some cities require that the background is transparent polycarbonate to protect the neon) indeed reverse channel letters to look elegant day and night.


The acrylic and polycarbonate can be covered with translucent vinyl and thus achieve the desired colors or the like, as in vinyl there is a larger variety of colors. This is usually the same color to cover and neon or LED, if the color of the plastic cover or face is not a basic color like red, white or blue, then it is recommended to use neon or white LED.


When the letters are very large some manufacturers use fluorescent lighting, I still prefer the neon and then the LED because it can shape the letters and the lighting is more even and uniform. In the fluorescent lighting are the lines of the tubes and in my opinion takes away a bit of beauty to channel letters.

Prestige for your business?

Obviously the Channel letter is the best option if you want to have a prestigious image in the front wall of your business. They are highly visible at great distances and are short and impressive. If your business is wholesale or retail and prospects depend on it locate and identify your local business. The best advertising needs identification: Channel Letters. Maybe the signs are more complicated to build and to obtain permits from the city, but they are worth the cost because the channel letters have a high impact advertising. Investment is recovered in the solid image and gives security to your business.
In our Signs Company will help you meet your goal to give a professional and beautiful image presentation for your business. Our Sign Company manufactures all kinds of signs Channel Letters with neon and LED lights, we make cabinets or light boxes and all sorts of outdoor illuminated signs. We manufacture a wide variety of channel letters with neon or LEDlighting, any font style and any form of logo. The acrylic faces are white, but if you want a special color we can do it by putting a desired color translucent vinyl. If you have a very detailed logo, we can digitally print your logo face channel. We produce normal channel letters, with lighting on the front. You can also choose open channel letters, without the costly acrylic and more demanding customers. We manufacture reverse channel letters, letters or logos are all metal, but open at the back for the light is reflected in the wall and a halo effect to the sign elegant whole. You can also buy any type of channel letters without lights or electrical connection. Our Sign Company has the capacity to build the sign you want, any size, any shape and according to your budget. We can enhance any serious estimate. We are the only company that gives you a written guarantee that our prices is the best price for the same job (to enforce our guarantee, we only accept written detailed estimates of registered companies and licensed).

City Signs permits

We have certification and eligibility to process permits for your signs. We are all licensed and have insurance for any sign or lighting projects.

Sign Installation;

We have the vehicles, tools, and experience for any signs installation of commercial lighting. We are certified to pass all inspections including final inspections to close the permissions.

Signs with raceway;

The raceway is a long box support for channel letters. It is an installation system that allows minimal damage to the wall where the sign is installed. Many building owners prefer the raceway because they only make two holes for connection to power supply, compared with the installation directly to the wall, letter by letter requires two holes.

Channel letters, with neon or LED?

Let’s make the comparison, the neon light is traditional, it is manufactured almost anywhere, surely you can always find repair and maintenance. If the neon was made professionally and with good quality parts, this is supposed to last for many years (I’ve known neon manufactured 17 years ago without any repairs). With regard to energy experts say is comparable to cold or fluorescent light. The neon lights depend on a transformer whose cost is almost equal to that used for the LED, the difference is that the neon transformers are much larger than the LED. One feature I particularly like from neon, is that within the channel takes the form of point achieving a uniform illumination reinforcing the shape of the letter. Now the LED light is a relatively new technology, but experts say it is a bit brighter than the neon, I’ll find a brightness very similar to the traditional neon. The truth is that it is much easier to install and approving inspections much easier and faster. Experts say that the LED is maintenance free because it is more durable than neon, but I have seen points (LED’s) off within a channel letter relatively new. The advantage is that the off one or two LEDs only, the other LED’s remain illuminated channel letter.
I have to admit that indeed the LED light consumes less power but it is not very noticeable savings. What I do not like much is that in many cases they are, through the plastic cover, LED illuminated points. Our sign company will help to achieve the effect advertising needs with whatever one you choose. We can also be found in directories for sign companies in Fort Lauderdale as well.

Channel letters with LED lighting.

One of the best outdoor advertising signs for businesses is undoubtedly channel letters (especially in the Miami signs area). The business channel letters are made of metal and plastic and installed in almost any exterior building signage and business institutions. Channel Letters is an important option because they capture the attention of the view from very long distances. These forms of signage are the best decision if you want to draw attention to your business and especially if you have a logo to start with and stay beautiful. Basically there are three types of channel letters, channel letters with acrylic cover, open channel letters (actually have a clear acrylic cover) and channel letters “reverse” (the cover is aluminum and the light is issued to back producing a spectacular halo around the letters on the wall)

LED Signage

Our sign company has the experience, tools, equipment and technology to with neon or LED channel letters. The illumination LED (light emitting diode) is a current technology to save electricity in the domestic and industrial area, the LED technology produces more light with less electricity than any other form of lighting. LED technology is developing so rapidly that much and now a light emitting diode can last over 100.000 hours or more than 11 continuous years. Definitely the future of lighting is in LED technology, because it saves money on electricity and no maintenance costs. All you have to do is hire our sign company that has experience in LED lighting signs.

Outdoor Advertising Signs – Why Consider Pan Channel Letters?

By Diane Harris

Examples of electric outdoor advertising signs are everywhere. You can see them on any number of buildings – retail businesses, restaurants, mall stores and hospitals, to name but a few. Nearly every business or organization uses some form of exterior illuminated signage.

But why consider pan channel letters? Pan channel letters are fast becoming one of the most popular options for electric sign advertising. These lighted signs provide a powerful and highly visible means of attracting the attention of casual passersby as well as potential customers who are actively seeking your products or services.

Here some important points to consider about pan channel letters:

1. LED-illuminated letters are more and more often replacing neon signs, most specifically because neon contains mercury. For this reason, a lot of states have curtailed or banned the use of neon tubing for environmental reasons.

2. LED’s also use less energy, as much as 40% less, thus making monthly operational costs lower than with neon lights.
3. For LED signs, the letters don’t need to be individually hand-made like neon light letters.

4. LED lights are more hard-wearing than neon lights, which break more easily. Repair costs would be lower than with neon signs.

5. LED signs remain shining brightly in colder temperatures, whereas neon lights tend to become dimmer when temperatures drop to wintry levels.

6. LED’s are easy to install, and replacement is easily and speedily accomplished.

7. The wiring for LED signs requires smaller pass-through holes that need to be bored into your building’s walls.

Pan channel letters can be mounted in several different ways. One is to mount the individual letters and other design elements directly to the surface of the building. Each letter-shaped “pan” holds its own electrical components. The mounting hardware and electrical wiring are installed behind the wall.

Another installation method is to mount the various letters and design components onto a raceway which is then installed onto the building’s fascia. The raceway holds the wiring and installation hardware for the letters.

Whichever method of installation you opt for, the letter pan can be covered with a plastic face or cover. Or it can be left exposed, a method called open-faced. Open-faced pan channel letters can also be reversed and installed so that the letter pans appear to be back lit. These types of signs are called halo-illuminated channel letters.

Another thing to be considered is the fact that laws governing business signage differ from state to state. These laws speak to such things as a sign’s size, materials used, illumination, energy usage, placement and installation requirements. Local communities, too, may have additional zoning laws regarding signs. Be sure to check the state and local laws in your area before you make your final decision on your signage system.

Every business needs some type of outdoor advertising signs for attracting the attention of both passersby and customers looking for your specific product or services. Why consider pan channel letters for your outdoor signage system? The points listed above will help you decide.

The author of this article has vast experience in advertising with signs. The articles written by the author are great resources for those who are looking for custom sign designs. Nothing can replace the custom sign designs in effective advertising. The author knows all about sign manufacturing Colorado as well.

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