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Our Terms & Conditions


The costs of city fees are never included in the estimate given.
There are no refunds for permit plans & processing.


Any extra services or production will be added extra in the estimate and the customer will be notified
All of the products belong to us as the company until its paid in full.
If for whatever reason want a refund and while the product has already been manufactured, we’ll turn in
the product as part of the refund and refund any remaining balance that is subtracted of the invested
product itself.
Refunds will be in payments.

Production & Installation

Estimated days to complete production and installation on average time. This may change due
to several conditions that will be notified.


We offer 10 years warranty for all sign structures & 3 years for electrical parts.
All of our signs are manufactured and installed under state & city code.
There’s no warranty against hurricanes, the structures themselves should withstand hurricanes.