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Reverse Channel Letters/Backlit Signs

*If you don’t find an example on what you want in our product library, please give us your example or give us an idea of what you want and we can mock up a free rendering design for you.

The Best Modern Quality Signage For Your Business!

When you as a business owner wants to stand out from the rest and show the customers the quality of a business you’re offering, Reverse Channel Letters are the way to go. These signs is a good investment for a higher budget for your signage to give that “WOW” factor for everyone to see.  These signs are the way to go if you have a higher budget for your business especially in populated areas.

What are Reverse Channel Letters/ Backlit Signs?

They are also one of the most common type of signs that our clients order, since the quality and the design look is really something to stare at when it’s installed in stores, buildings and other places. It really does stand out but its costs more than your typical channel letters. The LED Lighting lights behind the structure then it can be covered with a Lexan plastic to protect it from rain, humidity and insects. Reverse Channel Letters are generally used a lot in like fancier areas in South Florida, to show the elegance to the audience of your business. We offer the highest quality of reverse channel letters in South Florida compared to our competitors. These signs comes with a 10 year warranty for the structure and 3 yrs for electrical parts. 

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